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Read the newest stories of help, which we have published, over recent months, on our Polish Righteous portal. Learn the stories, see the faces and hear the voices of these heroes of World War II – Poles who, during the Holocaust, extended help to Jews and those who received that help in occupied Poland.

This catalogue is regularly updated. After reading the items in this list, you will learn the answers to:

  • During the Holocaust, who, from the artistic circles, helped Jews?
  • Where did the oldest Polish woman, honoured with the title Righteous Among the Nations, help Jews?
  • When, for the first time, was a ghetto in occupied Poland completely isolated from the “Aryan side”?
  • How did the police search Polish villages during the German occupation?
  • How many Jewish friends did cartoonist and caricaturist Eryk Lipiński help?

Edition: February – June 2020 

“If there’s enough bread for us, there will be enough for her”

Lucjan and Anna Gąsiorowska from the village of Nuna helped 12-year-old Doba Drezner from Serock, an escapee from the ghettos in Warsaw and Legionowo. The girl settled in the Gąsiorowski homestead in 1944 ➔

Aleksander Zelwerowicz, 1951

“A person’s friend”

Aleksander Zelwerowicz, outstanding actor and theatre director, together with his daughter Helena Zelwerowicz-Orchoń, actor, director and set designer, helped, among others, war refugees and Jews in hiding ➔

When the Germans arrived in sleighs...

The Leszczyński family, from Bocianka, helped thirteen Jews – escapees from the nearby ghetto in Siemiatycze, which was being liquidated by the Germans. They provided them with shelter and also shared their food ➔

Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski (1877–1944)

“One way was to work”

Tailor Ryszard Lerczyński helped his Jewish friends, Chaim Putersznyt and Ruchla Frymar. He gave them shelter and, when they found themselves in the Łódż ghetto, he supplied them with food and medicines ➔

A Longing for Supernatural Things

In the autumn of 1942, Maria and Anna Koźmińska took in eight-year-old Abraham Jabłoński. During the Holocaust, the boy had been extracted from the Częstochowa ghetto thanks to the joint efforts of his own family and Polish friends ➔

Stanisława Bussold (1886–1968)

Elżunia and the Silver Spoon

Stanisława Bussold helped Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, working together with Irena Sendler. In 1942, she took care a few-months-old child, Elżunią, who had been carried out of the ghetto ➔

Eryk Lipiński

“Chamber pots – evenings with an overnight stay”

Eryk Lipiński, cartoonist, caricaturist, co-founded of the “Szpilki” magazine and his wife Ha-Ga, also an artist, during the occupation, opened their home to Jewish friends seeking shelter ➔

Władysław Misiuna

Poems written for those doomed to the Holocaust

Władysław Misiuna worked as a rabbit hutch supervisor in the Fabryka Broni warehouse in Radom. During the Holocaust, he helped Jewish women by providing them with food and medicine. He also wrote poems for them ➔

You need to rescue. The Story of Piotr Kopeć

Stanisław and Marianna Kopć extended help to Jews Mirla Medman (nee Izraelowicz) and her daughter Małka (after the War, Mala Gastfriend) who, during the Holocaust, had escaped from the liquidated ghetto in Proszowice ➔

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