Bussold Stanislawa

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The story of Stanisława Bussold

Stanisława Bussold lived in Warsaw. During the war she worked as a hospital attendant and midwife in the health center at  Grochowska Street. The health center was involved in collecting money for the Jews imprisoned in the ghetto. Mrs. Bussold worked with Irena Sendler. She often provided those in the ghetto with food cards and ran a shelter for Jewish children in her own apartment. She prepared them to be moved to safe places, obtained Aryan papers for them, taught them Christian prayers. She also delivered births of Jewish women - both those in the ghetto and those hiding on the Aryan side.

In 1942, a several-months-old child was brought to Mrs. Bussold’s apartment. She had been taken out of the ghetto in a box hidden among bricks. The girl’s name was Elżbieta. She was the daughter of Henia Koppel (née Rochman) and Josel Koppel, who died in 1942 in the Warsaw Umschlagplatz – shot at the railway platform when he refused to enter the car. Henia Koppel died on November 3. 1943 in the Poniatowa camp, along with all the prisoners.

Little Elżbieta, however, was surrounded with love. Stanisława employed a nanny, who took care of the girl even after the war, until the time she graduated high school.


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    The collection of reports created by children, who survived the Holocaust, often by being hidden by the Poles; reports collected many years after war.