Zydek Zofia

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Story of Rescue - Zydek Zofia

Zofia Żydek was born in 1936 in Uniszowice near Lublin.

At the outbreak of the war, she was three years old. Her father died in 1942 and since then she was living with her mother and two siblings. Her family helped three Jews surnamed Cawel. This was a family – wife, husband and their small child, a son named Moniek.

Zofia would take food prepared by her mother, to a derelict house where they hid in a burrow dug behind a wardrobe. There was a small dog, close to the door, and its barking would warn the hiding Jews that someone was approaching. Moniek’s parents would do as much as possible to assure that he could enjoy his childhood, and Zofia remembers Moniek behaving like a child – happy and quite careless, at least apparently; yet, she is sure that the boy must have been told by his parents about the ravages of the war and instructed how to behave in their shelter in different situations.

After the war, this family lived for some time in Lublin and eventually moved to Israel. They are no longer in touch.

Zofia also refers that her husband told her about another Jewish family who lived in a neighboring village and paid a Polish family for shelter. These people took the money and then denounced the Jews to the Nazis.

The relation was recorded in the framework of the project "Lights In The Darkness - The Righteous Among The Nations", courtesy of the "Ośrodek Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN" in Lublin



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