The Zorawski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Zorawski Family

During the occupation, in Lublin, Henryka Żórawska, her parents and her husband hid a Jewish woman they were acquainted with, Fryderyka Safir.

‘When I finished the Władysława Arciszowa junior high school, a private institution in Lublin, I studied pedagogy for two years. I could later teach in primary schools. My first job was in Kraśnik. I lived there with my friend, a Jew, Fryderyka Safir, We lived together for four years and we became good friends. (…) She assimilated. After the four years I found a job in Lublin, thanks to my work in scouting. We separated but we were in touch.’

[The rest of the story will be available in translation soon.]

The interview with Henryka Żórawska edited by M. Grudzińska and A. Marczuk is published here courtesy of the State Museum in Majdanek.


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