The Wrona Family

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Story of Rescue - The Wrona Family

Jan and Maria Wrona had a farm in Siennica Nadolna, 20 miles south-west of Chełm. During the war, they took under their roof a ten-year old Jewish child, Michalina Abramowicz, whose family had perished in the Chełm ghetto.

The Wronas looked after the young girl, whom they named Janinka. Rumours soon began to spread around the village about the Wronas hiding a Jewish child, so the farmer couple decided it was time to find another hiding place for Janinka. They took her to the house of their daughter and son-in-law, Marianna and Kazimierz Sadlak. Their daughter’s home was located somewhat off the beaten track, and there the young girl lived, without needing to stay in hiding. She helped Maria with the housework and caring for the children. There she remained until the end of the occupation.

After the war, the farmers suggested that Michalina-Janinka should stay with them for good, but she preferred to leave the country. She settled in Israel (according to the Yad Vashem Encyclopaedia - in Germany). She has remained in contact with the Wronas and Sadlaks by letter and has also visited Poland.


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