Wlodarczyk Eugenia

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Story of Rescue - Wlodarczyk Eugenia

Eugenia Włodarczyk was born in 1929. During the war she and her parents lived for some time on Majdanek Street in Lublin. Her father was a carpenter, her mother a housewife.

In April 1942 the Germans created a ghetto in Majdan Tatarski, near Eugenia's house. This was a so-called residual ghetto, in which the Nazis crowded the remaining Jewish population following the liquidation of Lublin’s Podzamcze ghetto. Called a "model” ghetto by the Germans, this became a trap for those who left their existing hideouts and applied for relocation in Majdan. In reality, life in the ghetto was hell, and in November 1942 its inhabitants were murdered in the Majdanek concentration camp.

Throughout the time of the ghetto’s existence, Eugenia regularly went through the barbed wire enclosure, taking food that she sold to the imprisoned Jews.



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