Władysław Wyrwa

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Story of Rescue - Władysław Wyrwa

During the occupation, Władysław Wyrwa worked as a clerk in the prison near Nowy Wiśnicz in the District of Kraków. He lived in the nearby town of Łomna. He was active in the Polish underground.

At the beginning of the War, he met his neighbour’s brother, Dawid Zollman. In the spring of 1941, the Germans established a closed ghetto in Bochnia. David, his wife, son and brothers lived there from 1942. At a certain point in time, they decided to escape and hide on the “Aryan side”. Władysław Wyrwa came to their aid. At the beginning of 1943, he put them in contact with a Polish family who agreed to take them in. In March of that year, Władysław led the Zollman family across the walls. He then hid them in his home and fed them prior to them reaching their prearranged destination.

Dawid Zollman’s family were not the only ones whom Wyrwa helped. He smuggled food, newspapers and cigarettes into the ghetto and tried to sustain the spirits of the imprisoned Jews. He came to the aid of Icchak Akerman, his wife and uncles, as well as the four-member Lieblich family. In the autumn of 1944, at his request, Margot Dranger, her husband Jerzy, her uncle Leiser and Simche Lieblich, were hidden by Maria Kruk, a neighbour in Łomna. They remained hidden under the floor until the end of the War.

Władysław also arranged an escape from the ghetto for deportees from Mstów - Róża Kernkaut, her mother and brother Szymon Pflastr. He hid all three in his home. However Wyrwa’s activities did not escape his neighbours’ attention. Rumours, spreading around the village, forced Wyrwa to find the escapees a new hiding place. Soon after, Szymon was deported to the camp in Auschwitz but he managed to escape en route. He went to Wyrwa, where he regained his health. Then, following attacks by local nationalists, Wyrwa himself had to go into hiding.

After the War, all the survivors, apart from the Akerman family, left for Israel.

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