The Tylus family

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Story of Rescue - The Tylus family

Teodozja Tylus was just 15 when Lejba Hot knocked at the door of her family house where she was living together with her parents. The Tylus family were running a farm in the village of Batorz in the Lublin region, which was the main source of their living. She used to know Lejba even before the war. He was a poor man and he made his living by selling eggs, threads and buttons, etc.

In 1942 when Lejba was not at home, his father, mother, two sisters and brother wereall murdered by the Germans. After that happened, Lejba was wandering about, he had no place to stay. He came to the Tylus family. “My father, Szymon, was scared, bearing in mind the good of our family”, Teodozja recounts. “He went away, he didn’t want to listen to Lejba”.

Teodozja took on the risk on her own. Without informing her parents, she hid Lejba in one of their farm building: “He was hiding upstairs, on the gable at the roof which was filled with straw”, she relates. “He would not leave the place, I was fetching him food which was prepared for our family. He had a bucket with water and another one for physiological needs”.

After some time, Lejba developed a heavy infection and his belly was swollen. Teodozja begged his father’s help. Then Szymon, blind by that time as a result of a cataract, helped his daughter to cure the hidden person. Lejba was staying with the Tylus family until the Soviet troops advanced to the Lublin region. After the war, he stayed in Poland for some time, he got married. Then he emigrated to the United States.