The Tkaczyk family

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Story of Rescue - The Tkaczyk family

Two of them came: Salomon Morel and his brother Icchak. Only they managed to rescue themselves. All the other family members were shot dead by a member of the blue auxiliary police. They were travelling from place to place and they finally got to Józef Tkaczyk’s. They knew each other from before the war. In Gabów in the Lublin region six Jewish families lived, the Morel family among them. When in April 1942 it was made known that the entire Jewish population was to be deported to the extermination camp, the two brothers fled.

“They asked us to hide them”, recalls Józef. “My father, Walenty, was released from Majdanek and he was very ill. I decided to help them one way or another. One did whatever one could”. Józef took them to the shed and prepared some provisional beds. Depending on the weather, the Morels were hiding either in a barn or in a cowshed. “They were not kept in the hiding all the time. From time to time they would go out, especially overnight. Sometimes mother offered them some food”.

One day, Józef confided to his sister Genowefa that he was hiding Jews. She was a widow; her husband had been killed in the Majdanek camp. She decided to lend a hand. On many occasions, the Morel brothers were coming to her place to eat something or to have a bath.

They were also visiting their friends and neighbours: the Jędrzejko family. They were provided by the Jędrzejko family with warm clothes and food. When winter was tough they were hiding in the barn of Zofia Jędrzejko, Józef’s wife to be. In the spring of 1943 they joined a partisan party of the People’s Guard. Icchak was killed in combat fighting against the Germans. Salomon lived to see the liberation by the Red Army. After the war, he joined the communist security apparatus. He was a commander of the Zgoda Camp in Świętochłowice.