The Szulc Family

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Story of Rescue - The Szulc Family

Marta Goren was the only child of Izrael and Netka Winter. Izrael, who was a lawyer, was murdered by the Germans in a public execution on August 25th, 1941 with other members of Jewish intelligentsia from Czortków, where the Winters had lived.

Once the ghetto in Czortków was established in April 1942, Netka and Marta were forced to move there. Netka was allowed to go out of the ghetto to her work in a pharmacy. Therefore, after the first Nazi "Aktion" (mass killing and transportation of Jews out of the ghetto to death camps) in August 1942, she smuggled her daughter and hid her in the pharmacy.

In the summer of 1943 Netka, to increase Marta's chances of surviving, handed her over to Józef Szulc who was a client and a close acquaintance of Izrael Winter before the war. The Szulc family owned an estate Jeziorzany close to Czortków but in 1940, during Soviet occupation of the territory, they escaped to Warsaw to avoid deportation to Siberia or prison.

Marta lived with the Shulc family in Warsaw, pretending a Polish catholic girl until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. Then the Szulc family dispersed and Marta stayed with a maid - Helena Czaplińska.

Both were deported by the Nazis to a transit camp in Pruszków but they escaped. Czaplińska took Marta to a small village near Krakow, where they saw the end of the war. In January 1945 they returned to Warsaw.

On April 17, 1946 Marta sailed to Palestine.

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