Swidnik-Wargula Zofia

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Story of Rescue - Swidnik-Wargula Zofia

Zofia Świdnik, née Waremczuk, lived with her parents in the village of Stężyc, near Dęblin. She was 11 years old when the Second World War broke out.

During the German occupation, Zofia saw a group of Jews on the meadows near her village. Sent as forced labour by the Germans, hungry and cold, they were digging ditches there. Struck by their misery, the young girl several times smuggled food to them.

Before the war the Waremczuks had lived next to a Jewish family and Zofia had befriended their young daughter, Bronka. During the war Bronka and her mother had gone into hiding. When one day the girls met in the fields, Zofia was ready to take her friend home with her, but Bronka decided against risking a change of hideout.



  • Kawa Magdalena, Interview with Zofia Świdnik-Wargula, 11.10.2007