The Sukiennicki Family

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Story of Rescue - The Sukiennicki Family

Dr. Jadwiga Sukiennicka was a neurologist in Vilnius. She worked in the clinical ward of neurological and mental diseases managed by Professor Stanisław Władyczko at Saint Jacob Hospital. She was a wife of Wiktor Sukiennicki, the professor of law, known in Vilnius. Her daughter-in-law, Halina Zasztowt-Sukiennicka, was also a lawyer. The family lived together at 5 Zaułek Portowy Street with a servant, Aniela Zadyrko.

In the summer 1942, a young Jewish woman, who was Halina's friend before the war, came to their apartment asking for shelter for her and her child. The women agreed to hide her. She remained several weeks in their place.

Unfortunately, the help was discovered by a Lithuanian neighbour who threatened to inform the Germans if the woman did not leave the house. It forced her to leave. Her fate is unknown, although it is known that she survived the war.


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