The Stolarski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Stolarski Family

When the Warsaw Jews were ordered to move into the ghetto area, where people were dying of starvation, exhaustion, and disease, Janina Grabowska supplied food and medicine to the family of her friend, Regina Mikelberg. In 1943 Regina asked Janina to rescuse her sister, Irena, out of the ghetto.

“I went to the Stayer factory to get Irena and I made it just in time! When they began to come out, I slipped into the column, Irena joined me and on the corner of Dworska Street, we managed to escape and hide without the police noticing.”

Irena lived at the house of Janina and her husband, Józef Dubniak. They were soon joined by Regina, who miraculously escaped being tansported to Treblinka.

Dubniak was a soldier with the Home Army, and as the risk of their house being searched grew, so the Mikelberg sisters, equipped with forged identity cards, ventured out onto the Aryan streets for the first and only time, in order to hide at another house, belonging to Balbina Stolarska, Janina’s mother.

Mrs Grabowska is currently living at a veterans nursing home in Warsaw’s Wola district. 


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