The Stolarczyk Family

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Story of Rescue - The Stolarczyk Family

Apolonia and Franciszek Stolarczyk lived in Dąbrowica in the Włoszczowa region. During the occupation, they were involved in underground activity and their son Witold pursued clandestine studies.

In 1941, Róża and Czesław Pankowski from Katowice arrived at the Stolarczyk residence, where they obtained shelter. With them were their three children– Józef, Irena and Maria. A year later, Róża’s sister, Maria Krieger, joined her sister’s family in their hiding place with the Stolarczyks. Maria and the Pankowskis stayed in one of the bedrooms of the main house. They paid no rent, but they did try to earn their keep. In late 1941 and early 1942, they sold flour. Later, Czesław and his son joined the AK, where they received pay. Róża, the girls and Maria stayed in hiding in Dąbrowica. In August of 1944, an officer of the Polish police who was active in the underground informed the Stolarczyk family that someone had denounced them. The Jewish women were forced to hide in the woods, where Witold continued to bring them food to their new hiding place.

After the war, the Pankowskis remained in Poland and stayed in touch with the Stolarczyk family.



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