The Skrzynski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Skrzynski Family

Karolina and Włodzimierz Skrzyński were living with their two daughters on the outskirts of Zamość, at 48 Szczebrzeska Street. When a Jewish boy, the grandson of a close friend of Karolina, appeared on their farm one night in August 1942 – they took him in without hesitation.

Deportations of Jews from the Zamość ghetto, founded in the district of Nowe Miasto, started in April 1942. The whole family of the 9-year-old Mosze Frank – among them his mother Szprynca and his father Jakub, a merchant – was sent by the Nazis to the transitory camp in Izbica. The boy managed to escape from the transport. His parents were later killed in Bełżec.

At first, Mosze was put up for the night by Helena and Mikołaj Zachar, some friends who ran the hairdresser’s in the vicinity of his family house. After leaving the house of the Zachars and remembering that Karolina Skrzyńska and her daughter Stanisława had already helped his family, Mosze went to their farm.

For a few weeks, the Skrzyńskis were hiding the boy in the attic, in a special hiding place they had prepared for their own children, who risked being deported to forced labor to Germany. During that time the family took care of all his needs. They used to bring him books and newspapers, and after dark Stanisława would spend time with him in the home garden. However, the danger posed by the neighbors was so big that the Skrzyńskis had to move Mosze to their friends who lived in the village of Dębowiec.

Mosze Frank was living at the house of the Huks until the liberation. He used the false name of Mieczysław Skrzyński and he even went to school together with Polish children. In 1945 his cousin Zelig found him. They left to Germany together, and then – through Cyprus – to Palestine. At present Mosze lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and two children. Stanisława Bożek and her family have been corresponding with “Miecio” to this day and he also visits them whenever he comes to Poland.



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