Sikorski Marian

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Story of Rescue - Sikorski Marian

Marian Sikorski was a headmaster in the village school of Szerzyny near Jasło, where he lived with his wife, two daughters and parents. He used to know Alicja Kleinberg from the pre-war times. Under the Nazi occupation Alicja together with her two daughters Ewa and Anna were confined in the Rabka Ghetto.

In the summer of 1942 the Germans intended to ultimately liquidate the ghetto and kill all the surviving Jews. Alicja got in touch with Marian and begged his assistance. Sikorski consented and in July 1942 he came to the appointment in the vicinity of Rabka.

“In the first instance, he took me and my sister”, as Alicja’s daughter, Anna, recollects. “We were travelling by train under the guise of night. Mum joined us later after having obtained the ‘Aryan papers’”.

For a month, the girls were staying at Marian Sikorski’s place where they were taught Catholic rites and prayers not to reveal their descent when in danger.

“Since we were both brunettes”, write Anna and Ewa after the war, “and having parted with Mum we were constantly scared, we stood out among other children to the extent which required for the Sikorski family to keep us hidden. After our reunion with Mum, Mr Sikorski found a place for us in the village of Święcany, rented a small room for us and introduced us as his family to the hosts. […]. There, plagued by a constant fear lest our descent should be revealed and the noble Sikorski family should be thus put in danger, we survived that tragic period of time, in spite of some occasional encounters with the Germans, accompanied by suspicions of the local community”.

After the war, the rescued stayed in touch with Marian Sikorski and his family.