The Sawicki Family

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Story of Rescue - The Sawicki Family

Zymra Kamiński was born in Włocławek, as the only child of Eta and Fajwisz Rawiccy. In December 1939 the family moved to Warsaw. In autumn 1940 their flat was enclosed within the ghetto walls.

In one of the Nazi actions, Zymra and her mother were taken to the gathering place to be transported to the death camp. Fajwisz managed to withdraw Zymra, but he was not able to save Eta. After that, he decided to smuggle his daughter out of the ghetto.

Zymra, who had the so-called good looks which ment that she did not resemble a Jew, was transferred to the pavilion of sisters Anna Wąchalska and Maria Sawicka. They took care of her until the end of the war.

Zymra has been living in Israel since 1948. 

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