The Saloni Family

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Story of Rescue - The Saloni Family

Juliusz Saloni and his wife Jadwiga (now Strzelecka) befriended many Jewish intellectuals in their university days. Among these friends were Zdzisław Lewi, his wife, Elżbieta Sterling, doctor Henryk Schipper and the family of Jerzy Wittlina.

During the occupation, friends of the Salonis’ could always turn to them for support at their home, which was located in Warsaw’s Saska Kępa. Some of them would stay with the Salonis until they obtained Aryan papers.

Jadwiga and Juliusz also selflessly helped others in need. Józef Dąb was a colleague of Juliusz’s in the Georg Binder company. When he asked the Salonis to help his family, they opened their home to his daughter, Irenka, who stayed with them for two years and whom they would introduce to other people as their niece. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother, Barbara, stayed with Juliusz’s in-laws. Józef Dąb would visit his wife and daughter, but eventually he was seized by the Gestapo. With the help of the „Żegota“ organisation, a new hiding place was found for the mother and daughter in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. In the spring of 1944 Józef was able to escape from the Pawiak facility and make his way to the Saloni house.

In May of 1943, the Salonis also hid a young man of eighteen named Jurek Milejowski, who had fled a train to Treblinka and would eventually die in combat in the Warsaw Uprising.

The others who found shelter with Juliusz and Jadwiga survived the war and have remained close friends with their benefactors.


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