The Sabadach Family

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Story of Rescue - The Sabadach Family

The family of Antoni and Eudokia Sabadach lived in the village of Rosochacz (Kołomyja District, Stanisławów Province). Chaim and Chaja Bergman (Berkman) (born 1906) with their two children: the 12-year-old Blima (born 1928) and five-year-old Szmuel (Szmulik) also lived in the same village. The Bergmans ran a shop in Rosochacz.

During the German occupation, the Bergmans were sent to the ghetto in Kołomyja. The wife with the children lost their lives as well as Chaim's siblings: the sisters Szosza Palker (born 1897) and Etil Rechter (born 1901) and the brother Icchak (Izak) (born 1907) with their families. The ghetto in Kołomyja was finally liquidated on 2nd February 1943.

Chaim managed to escape and return to his home village. He hid in a deserted mill in Kraśnica. For two months, Bazyli Sabadach brought him food in secret from his parents. When his father learned by chance about his son's activity, he and his wife allowed Bazyli to continue helping Chaim who was moved to the hiding place in the cellar under the barn.

"My father said that we cannot let Chaim be killed by the Germans," Bazyli wrote in his statement in 1995. Bazyli provided Chaim with food, water and cigarettes, he also brought him a kerosene lamp and bought papers "for him to kill the time." Chaim was sheltered by the Sabadach family for about 11 months. Bazyli wrote: "I was 13 at that time, as a young boy I knew much about life because I saw with my own eyes what the Nazi did."

In May 1945, Chaim made a statement in which he confirmed that the Sabadach family had helped him during the German occupation. The Sabadach family was repatriated to Poland in 1945 and settled down in the Lower Silesia. Chaim left to Israel in 1956 and, just before his departure, he managed to find the Sabadach family. He remained in close contact with them. His testimonial was confirmed in 1998 by his wife Roza (Szoszana) nee Szercer. Chaim died in Israel in 1978.

In 2004, the Yad Vashem Institute awarded Antoni, Eudokia and Bazyli Sabadach the titles of the Righteous Among the Nations. Bazyli died shortly before the ceremony of awarding the medal, which was collected by his brother Michał.


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