Romanek Kazimiera

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Story of Rescue - Romanek Kazimiera

Kazimiera Romanek got to know the Janower family in the inter- war period. During the war, the Janower girls would sometimes go cherry picking on Kazimiera’s farm in the village of Żółkiew. They happened to be there when the Germans arrived to displace the Jews residing in the nearby villages, including Żółkiewka. Thus, the girls escaped the fate of their family, whose members were probably subsequently murdered in Bełżec.

Maria and Krystyna Janower hid with the Romanek family until the end of the occupation. Kazimiera was a widow living with her small son, Tadeusz and her parents, Aniela and Ksawery Zabłocki. The family lived a modest life, often facing shortages of food and fuel. The Janower sisters usually stayed in the house. “The conditions for hiding were perhaps better with us, because our house was off to the side,” reports Kazimiera. “Whenever I was out, or working the field, my son Tadeusz, who was just a few years old, would watch for any neighbours or strangers coming toward our farm. If anybody was coming, the girls had to hide.”

After the war, the sisters went to Palestine. From there, they wrote a letter to Kazimiera. Sadly, this letter became a source of harassment by the postal workers and neighbours. Kazimiera was forced to ask the girls not to write again. There was no further contact between the families until the late 1990s, when the younger Janower sister visited Kazimiera Romanek and her family in the village of Żółkiew.


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