Rajewska Ewa

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Story of Rescue - Rajewska Ewa

At the moment of outbreak of the war, doctor Ewa Rajewska worked as a doctor at the Social Insurance Centre and at the outpatient clinic in the internal diseases ward at the Saint Roch Hospital in Warsaw. She lived with her mother, Maria Trocka, on Nowolipie Street. In February 1943, a school friend, Dr. Maria Wilk-Wilczyńska, who was in the ghetto with her family, phoned Dr. Rajewska. Maria told doctor Rajewska about the planned escape from the ghetto. Without second thought, Ewa Rajewska offered Maria to stay in her apartment. At night, on 9th February 1943, the family of Wilk-Wilczyński consisting of three members got to the Aryan side and appeared in the house at ul. Nowolipie.

Doctor Rajewska with her mother were active in an underground organization, which made it possible for them to contact doctor Seweryn Wilk-Wilczyński, Maria's husband, with Mayor Stanisław Steczkowski, a member of the Home Army. Steczkowski obtained false documents for the whole family and arranged employment for Seweryn as a clerk, introducing him as a concealing Polish officer. As a result of this employment, the family was given an apartment. Since then, both men kept in touch whenever it was needed.

Seweryn Wilk-Wilczyński was sworn in as a member of the Home Army and, after the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, reported as a doctor at the emergency point of the Gurt group at 58 Złota Street, which was later converted into hospital. After the fall of the uprising, they both went to different prisoner-of-war camps in Germany. They met again in Warsaw in 1945.

After the war, the family of Wilk-Wilczyński remained in close contact with Stanisław Steczkowski, doctor Ewa Rajewska and her mother Maria who, after the war, emigrated to England. In 1970, the family of Wilk-Wilczyński moved to Sweden. "Mayor Stanisław Steczkowski, our exceptional friend, was kind enough to come to say goodbye to us," doctor Wilk-Wilczyński wrote in his testimony for Yad Vashem.

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