Radlinska Janina Natalia

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Story of Rescue - Radlinska Janina Natalia

During the German occupation, Janina Radlińska worked as a senior assistant in the surgical ward of the Infant Jesus Hospital and the “Omega” clinic on Aleje Jerozolimskie Street in Warsaw.

She participated in plastic surgeries aimed at hiding physical Semitic characteristics. She performed about 15 procedures of ears and noses as well as urological procedures reversing effects of circumcision. Twenty-two-year-old Adam Schönbach was one of her patients. He was using the name Bobowski. The procedure took place in Professor Zbigniew Fijałkowski’s flat, who, like Dr Radlińska, was awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations.

Dr Radlińska also gave medical aid to hiding Jews. Among others, she operated a girl named Król who was suffering from appendicitis.

Before the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, Dr Radlińska also helped two children of her friend Dr Halina Szenicer-Rotstein to leave the ghetto. She placed them in an orphanage for children of deceased soldiers. The children survived the war.

From 1943 until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, Dr Radlińska was hiding Czesława Frendler in her apartment on Brzozowa Street, whom she helped to escape from the ghetto. After the fall of the uprising, they left Warsaw together. In 1946, Dr Czesława Frendler emigrated to the US, where her family lives there until today.

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