The Pyrcak Family

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Story of Rescue - The Pyrcak Family

During the Nazi occupation the Pyrcaks lived in Prusiek near Sanok.

“My brother Michał, who was in Sanok, got in touch with several Jews, and decided to shelter them,” Stanisław recalled.

The fugitives included the Krammer, Liberman, and Propper families, the Förer couple, and Anek Stein, Mr. Liberman’s nephew. At one point they were betrayed by the relatives of one their rescuers. Michał was arrested and taken to a camp where he died. The fugitives were forced to look for another hiding place, and led by Mojżesz Lieberman, they came to the Pyrcak farmstead, asking for help. They were initially hidden in the barn, among the sheaves, and later, Stanisław built a bunker for them.

“They were given food during the day. I was always looking out, me or someone from the family, to make sure no strangers were coming. Once a day we’d give them hot soup, bread, garlic, tea, whatever we had. Vegetables in the summer,” Stanisław recalled.

Seventeen people survived to see the Red Army liberate the area from the Germans. Many of those who had been saved later emigrated, however Ichel Propper and his eldest daughter, Muszka, were killed by a blackmailer.

In 1984, the title of the Righteous Among the Nations was posthumously awarded to  Stanisław’s brother, Michał Pyrcak.


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