Pomorska Zofia

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Story of Rescue - Pomorska Zofia

When her mother died, Lusia Retman was a little girl. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, who lived in Lubaczów. When the German-Soviet Was broke out in 1941, Lusia settled in Lviv at the house of her sister Miriam Shenker and her husband Meir.

However, all three of them soon moved to Lubaczów, which she considered safer.  They rented a room at Zofia Pomorska’s at 100 Kościuszki Street. In Lubaczów, the Pomorskis were then regarded as anti-Semites.

When Zofia realized that her tenants were Jews, she did not denounce them. On the contrary – she started helping them. Thanks to a priest she knew, she provided Lusia with a baptismal certificate in the name Janina Kogut and with a shelter at her sister’s apartment. Zofia also helped organize “Aryan papers” for Miriam and hid her husband at the house of a family she knew.

The sisters used their “Polish documents” to sign up for labour in the Reich. They worked in Berlin.

All three of them survived the Second World War. They settled in Israel. In 2007 Lusia came to Poland and found her rescuer’s relatives. Thanks to Lusia’s efforts, Zofia Pomorska was posthumously honored with the title “Righteous Among the Nations”