The Pietraszek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Pietraszek Family

Alfreda and Bolesław Pietraszek, an older, childless couple, were educated people. During the German occupation, they managed a large farm in the village of Czekanów, near Sokołów Podlaski. In September 1942, when the Germans began liquidating the Sokołów ghetto and deporting the Jews to the camp in Treblinka, eighteen escapees hid themselves on the Pietraszek property – in the barn, in the attic and in the basement of the house located on the outskirts of the village.

The Polish couple knew the Jews from before the War. Matlas Solarz worked on the property as a seamstress. In the beginning, at her request, Alfreda took in her only son, Beniamin. Soon after, she and six of her relatives, who had escaped from the Sterdynia ghetto, were hiding in the nearby forest.

The Kopyto family had managed to get out of that same ghetto. Prior to arriving in Czekanów, they had worked on the ”Aryan side” on a few farms. However, in the end, they were afraid that they would be recognised.

The Pietraszek couple prepared meals for those hidden and carried them hidden in a bucket. At night, the Jews could leave the hiding place and bathe in the house. In case they were searched, Alfreda Pietraszek taught the children how to say Catholic prayers. 


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