Pfeiffer Aniela

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Story of Rescue - Pfeiffer Aniela

Aniela Pffeifer, née Gardzińska, was born in 1916. As a young girl she went to work as a servant. During the war she worked as a cook for Wiślicki, the local lord of the manor in Świerszczów, in the Lublin Province.

Aniela witnessed the transportation of the Jewish population from Świerszczów to Cyców. A dozen or so Jews managed to avoid being deported by hiding on the ice in the cellar of the manor where she worked. Aniela discovered their hideout and took them food. Someone detected the presence of these Jews and reported them to the Germans. They were executed by firing squad a few kilometres from the village.

Aniela later helped three other people: Mrs. Józków, her daughter Chana and her sister Małce. They spent several weeks in the loft of the manor, where Aniela brought them food she had furtively saved. A certain K., an inhabitant of Świerszczów found out about this hideout in the manor. Together with Wiślicki, the lord of the manor, he found the people in hiding and handed them over to the Germans.