Patronski Wojciech

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Story of Rescue - Patronski Wojciech

From 1940, Aleksander Metz hid at Wojciech’s house in Szklary (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). In the summer of 1942, when the Germans were expelling Jews from Łańcut and its surroundings, Wojciech decided to shelter two women and the family of their relatives, a couple and their child. They came from Kańczuga. Some time later, the women moved to a different hiding place, and Metz moved to the house of Wojciech’s relatives, Zofia and Walerian Bomba. The couple and child who stayed behind, hid in the attic for a month and a half. During the autumn of 1942, a German policeman came to Wojciech Patroński’s house, having been informed that Jews were hiding there. He found them, took them out to the field and shot them. Wojciech Patroński died alongside the people he was trying to save.