Ostrowscy Family

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Story of Rescue - Ostrowscy Family

Before 1939 the Ostrowskis had lived in Sosnowiec. When the war broke out they were on holiday. The father was soon arrested and the mother with their daughters, Barbara and Krystyna, moved to Warsaw. Barbara was spending a lot of time in the villa of her aunt, Barbara Siedlińska, in Chylice near Piaseczno. Since both, aunt and Barbara, were members of the Home Army, arms and officer cadet school’s materials were kept there. Krystyna in turn was living in a flat in Warsaw.

In 1942 a young man knocked at the door of Krystyna’s flat. It turned out that he was a Jew who needed help. His name was Arnold Majorek. He had the “Aryan documents” but he had no means of subsistence and no place to live in. Krystyna managed to find him job as a private tutor near Chylice.

In the summer of 1943 he brought a Jewish marriage, Wanda and Ryszard Samstein. The woman was noticeably pregnant. They found them shelter in the caretaker’s lodge. Soon a sister and a friend of Wanda, Zofia Kamińska and Barbara Malinowska, joined the hiding couple. “For a long time my aunt had not known anything about their origin,” Ms Barbara recalls after years. “So she was taking care of all their matters herself with the help of her friends: Irena Rybczyńska and Bohdana Majda.”

After a while Zofia Kamińska returned to Warsaw to look for another flat. She was denounced and sent to labour in Germany. She survived. All those who were hiding managed to survive until the war was over.