The Osika Family

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Story of Rescue - The Osika Family

“No one thought - he tells us - and the Jews didn’t either, that the Germans were going to want to completely destroy the Jews. People thought that they only wanted to punish them, or scare them.”

The Pióro family came to them at night because they knew each other well. They asked to stay, that it would only be for a short time. They had run away from Nowy Brzesk. They hid there half a year. But someone warned them, that they were next.

“Some kind of bandits. And they came. But they didn’t find any Jews, so they shot the neighbors – Sęk and his daughter, Poles. Maybe what they wanted, this band or these partisans,” he ponders, “was a Jewish house, to shoot it up, so they could claim it after the war.”
Henryk Pióro was a cattle supplier, his wife Balbina a seamstress, the daughters were 23, 17 and 12 years old, and Mosze Palasz was about 60. Together there were six of them. They were at their farm for 28 months. In the village Kuchary near Proszowice in the Małopolska region.

He knows that someone from Kuchary murdered a Jew. He took him out to the woods, promised to bring him to a hiding place, and took an axe. The people from Bobin buried him near the river. He also knows, that Przybytniuch also possibly hid a Jew, because after the war people laughed that he sold his heifer and bought a cow, and three acres of land.

And he knows that when Genia Pióro, after the liberation, tried to pick up the textiles she was selling before the war, people did not want to return them. They tried to scare her and said: “It’s better if you run away, because you might lose your life.”

That’s why it’s better that no one knew that they hid the Pióro family.

“Even our own family. They were upset with us later when they found out, how could we do such a thing and keep it secret from the family.”

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