The Olbrychski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Olbrychski Family

Marianna Toroszewska, who lived in the Duchnów village in the powiat of Otwock, tried to help a leatherworker named Taube survive Nazi occupation. She used to bring food to a bunker in which they were hiding. Unfortunately, Taube was killed by Nazi police in the village. Soon after, his wife and daughter were also killed. It seems that the blue police had been informed about the location of the bunker by one of the neighbours. Only a teenage son, Marian, remained. In winter 1943 he joined a partisan unit. His further fate is unknown, except that he survived. 

Wanda Olbrychska was only one person from this family awarded with the medal of the Righteous Among the Nations. She rescued Jewish family in her house in Zielonka near Warsaw.

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