Nowak Maria

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Story of Rescue - Nowak Maria

During the occupation, Maria Bożek remained in touch with the Jewish friends she had made in her middle school years. When the Krakow ghetto was formed in 1941, she learned that her friend Helena Goldstein had been taken there with her whole family.

Maria spared no effort to help the Jews she knew. On many occasions, she brought food and medicine to the ghetto. In October of 1942, when Jews were being seized from the ghetto and taken to the death camps, Helena's mother's name was on the list of people designated for transport. With the assistance of her friend Zofia Wolmuth-Wyszyńska, Maria organized Helena's escape. First, she obtained a suitcase with Helena's belongings from the woman's brother. On the next day, Maria arrived in Aleja Kopernika, where Helena worked, and took her friend by the arm, snatching off Helena’s Star of David armband before walking her to a hiding place. Several days later, Zofia took Helena to Warsaw. There, friends pulled strings to get Helena a job with the railway. Afterwards, thanks to the Aryan papers she had received from Maria in Kraków, Helena Goldstein was able to go and work in Germany, where she survived the war safely in an international labor camp.


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