The Moryson Family

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Story of Rescue - The Moryson Family

Ignacy Moryson lived with his wife, Leokadia, and his daughter, Irena, in Warsaw, first on Szorstka Street, and then at 2 Konopacka Street. Ignacy ran a beer and soda water bottling plant. He got acquainted with many Jews through his business contacts.

The Morysons’ bottling company worked also during the II World War. After a ghetto was founded, Ignacy Moryson started to employ its residents. “Half of the Jews we took from the ghetto – mostly men – would shopping, visit a doctor, and look for a place they could escape to” – Irena Gołębiowska née Moryson, explains.

Leokadia Moryson helped Jews to sell their valuable belongings. The couple sought hiding places on the so-called “Aryan side”, and obtained false papers.

From March 1943, they hid their pre-war friend, Beniamin Komar, in the cellar. Even 10-year-old Leokadia knew nothing about this. They also sheltered Leon Olszer for a short time.

At Komar’s request, Moryson got Maryla Steinberg out of the ghetto, and hired her as a maid. When a Volksdeutsch warned him about the girl’s conspicuous Jewish look, Maryla was taken to the country. Komar and Maryla survived the II World War and got married. Leon Olszer died in unknown circumstances.  

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