The Mironiuk Family

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Story of Rescue - The Mironiuk Family

 “You can hide a sack of grain- she says- you can put it in the ground. But how do you hide a man? A man needs to breathe, to relieve himself, he needs to be fed.”

One time she took some food for them in a churn, and an older woman grazing geese by the road asked her: “Maryśu, what are you carrying?” She said it was soup for the girls who were weeding the carrots. “Would ye show me the soup, then” -  the woman pressed on.  “Now why would I show you soup?” - she huffed. “And we got into an argument -  she says. “You had to be constantly careful.”

She was living with her mother, grandmother, and seven younger siblings in the village of Jakówki near Janów Podlaski. The Jews were brought by her mother’s brother, Mikołaj Iwaniuk of Romanów.

“He had taken in so many of them he couldn’t keep them and was sending some off to his family.”

He brought four adults to the Mironiuk household: Perla her two brothers, Szlomo and Pinkus Ajzenberg, and Wolf Englender.

They were hidden in the cowshed, in a hole concealed under planks and hay. They stayed there for two years, until the liberation. They paid a golden five-rouble each month.

“But where would you sell that? A cousin told us to go see some of our family, some 30 kilometers beyond Janów. They’d take that and give me some 30 or 40 zlotys, same as for a sack of oats. That wasn’t much.”

After the Kielce pogrom all of the survivors left for the USA.

“And Perla has been sending us a package every Christmas. A dress or a sweater, some nice white yarn caps. She’d come over, too. To the uncle in Romanów, who took them in and brought to us. His daughter, Franciszka, married Olesiejuk, she got the medal too.”



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