The Miller Family

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Story of Rescue - The Miller Family

Frania Giladi, nee Krakowska, was the daughter of Izrael Krakowski and Hanna Salzman. They lived in Lodz. Izrael Krakowski owned a beer brewery and a textile dyeing factory in Lodz and another brewery in Zdunska Wola.  Around 100 employees worked in these factories. Most of them were Poles, but there were also some Jewish and German workers.

After the war broke out, in November 1939, Frania’s father was turned into the Germans by a German manager in his factory. That day Izrael along with fifteen of the richest Jews in Łódź were killed in a meadow in Zgierz.  In December Frania moved to Warsaw, where her sister lived.

The family was imprisoned in the getto and Frania was the only one to escape. When she left the ghetto, she received false papers under the name of “Anna Grabowska” and dyed her hair blond. Mr. Erhard who waited for her on the Aryan side was supposed to take her to a family in Żoliborz neighborhood. However, the family did not accept her.

Fortunately Frania remembered that she once overheard the Jewish policeman tell his wife that if she ever needed help she should contact a man named Stefan Miller and gave her the address. Somehow Frania was able to reach him. She told him she was Jewish and needed a place to stay. Stefan's wife - Marcela Miller agreed to shelter her. In the following days, Stefan Miller helped Frania find a hiding place.

After the war ended in 1945 Frania returned to Łódź where she stayed until 1948. In 1947 she married her cousin Arie Gitler. In 1948 they immigrated to Israel.

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