The Milczanowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Milczanowski Family

Anna Milczanowska, with her teenage daughter Wanda, lived in Kraków in a modest one-room apartment. When, at the end of 1942, a Jewish friend asked her to help hide two of her female relatives, Anna did not refuse. Not only did she take into her own apartment the older of the women, Estera Langdorf, but also set off by boat to a nearby village in order to bring the younger, Blanka (Estera’s daughter-in-law) to Kraków.

Blanka’s husband, Józef, remained in the village, Wola Przemykowska, for some time. He helped support his wife and mother – he obtained food for them which was not available in the city. In exchange for the food, Anna brought clothing, cigarettes and documents to the village. In the summer of 1943, Józef found refuge in the farmyard of  Paweł Mika.

Anna’s caution saved her and the hidden Jews lives a year later. In anticipation of a possible future search, she created a hiding place for the two women.In the winter of 1943/44, most probably after being provided with a lead,  the Gestapo searched the Milczanowski’s apartment. They failed to uncover the hiding place in the larder, but arrested Wanda, suspecting her of being Jewish. After explanations and the presentation of  suitable documents, Wanda returned home.

Thanks to Anna’s cleverness, Estera’s daughter, Maria, also found a good hiding place and employment. The Milczanowski family also helped Jews from the Brzesk ghetto and had the courage to go there after a liquidation Aktion in order to search for friends.

They maintained close contact with the Langdorf family who remained in Kraków after the War.



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