Malysiak Albin

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Story of Rescue - Malysiak Albin

Rev. Albin Małysiak spent the occupation serving as chaplain to the Helcl Centre, an institution for the old and frail. In 1943, together with Sister Bronisława Wilemska, the Centre's director, they made the decision to come to the aid of five Jews. Thus, they admitted Katarzyna Styczeń, Helena Kachel, Henryk Juański, Zbigniew Koszanowski and a man whose name is unknown. Rev. Małysiak issued them christening certificates and procured other necessary documentation.

The five residents were given food, medication and clothing. Nothing was asked of them in return. Other residents knew that the priest and nun had taken in Jews, but not one of the several hundred people turned out to be an informer. In the spring of 1944 the occupation forces determined that the Centre be evacuated to Szczawnica. The Jews were placed in the Adria, a villa only several hundred meters away from a German Military Police post. Luckily, the officers were not interested in the Centre's residents. The men waited out the war in the institution, but the women both died in the autumn of 1944.


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