The Maciejewski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Maciejewski Family

Wincenty Maciejewski lived with his family in Polichna, a village located between Kraśnik and Janow Lubelski. He was an activist with the Polish Communist Party and, always willing to help others, was well respected by his neighbours.

During the war, Wincenty concealed two Jews by the name of Seidman, who came from the nearby village of Potok. He also helped acquaintances from his own village of Polichna. This was too large a group (12 persons) for Wincenty to take in alone, so he found them refuge with a farmer called Skrabuch, living in nearby Zarajec. Later he also found a place there for another Jew, named Olejarzem, who had escaped from the ghetto in Kraśnik.

Towards the end of the occupation, all those he had hidden moved to another hideout in Popielarna, where Maciejewski’s daughter found them a hiding place.

After the war, one of the Seidmans emigrated to Austria; another was killed in nearby Janow. The Jews from Zarajec settled with the Maciejewskis in Kraśnik, hiding in a two-room service flat that Wincenty had been assigned. In 1949 they all gradually emigrated from Poland. They continued to remain in contact with the Maciejewski family.



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