The Lukaszewski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Lukaszewski Family

The Łukaszewskis and the Nisenkorns were neighbors. Before World War II there were about ten Jewish families living in Bezek- Kolonia. Except for the Nisenkorns, none of them survived the Holocaust. The Nisenkorn family lost one of their children.

After the break out of the Russian-German war in 1941 Jan Łukaszewski was forced to work as a carter for the German military. He transported food and ammunition to the front line, he went as far as 80 kilometers from Moscow, and brought back the dead. He returned home in 1942, as the deportations of Jews from the region to the Sobibor death camp had began. At first, the talk was of the Jews being sent to labor camps, but soon it became common knowledge what the euphemism “final solution” really meant.

Chana and Jakub Nisenkorn placed two of their children under the care of a Polish family. Their youngest daughter, Rojsele, died, but Cila survived. The parents and their two other children, Lea and Cwi, hid in a dugout in the forest. Every night, under the cover of darkness, Jan Łukaszewski supplied them with food and sometimes clothes.

“I’d take food there… bread, butter, cream, cheese, and mother would sometimes make a cake. I’d also take water in a churn… we’d arrange our meetings.”

He also brought them information, as a German acquaintance had let Łukaszewski listen to the radio, which was forbidden to Poles. He would then repeat news from the front and the rest of the world to the Nisenkorns. Not all of the family knew that the Łukaszewskis were helping Jews.

“No one could know. Even my younger brothers didn’t know, just me. Because I was afraid: they were too young to be involved in this business. So it was me, father and mother, just the three of us.”

When the Red Army reached the territory Jan Łukaszewski enrolled voluntarily in order to avoid the fate of other members of the Home Army. After his return, he married Zofia, a friend from Bezek- Kolonia. They moved to Łódź in 1948. The Nisenkorn family emigrated to Israel.


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