Lipska Maria

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Story of Rescue - Lipska Maria

In the fall of 1941, after the Lviv pogroms, the Jewish Lipski couple together with their son Jan moved to Kraków, where they contrived to get false documents. Maria Kacka, 18, lived in the same house. She realised that her neighbours were Jews.

She decided to help the Lipski family. She had relatives in Grybów near Nowy Sącz, and she arranged a shelter for Jan there. Soon Maria and Jan got married and began living in Grybów. Jan started working for a local lumber mill. In 1943, Maria gave birth to their son, Sławek. On a number of occasions, the family had to Ŗee the Germans together with their newborn child. They hid in fields of thick corn.

“Every night, they would hear the howl of a train whose wheels were repetitively rattling: to death, to death... The worst moments were when Mum woke up crying out in horror hearing the noise of the locomotive, the harbinger of death”, wrote Lidia, Maria Lipska-Kacka’s daughter.

The three of them managed to survive the war. Also Jan’s parents lived to see the liberation. After the war, the whole family moved to Wrocław.