Lachowicz Wojciech

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Story of Rescue - Lachowicz Wojciech

Dr Wojciech Lachowicz worked as a general practitioner and a school doctor in Jagielnica and Czortków (now in Ukraine). He was at the same time mayor of Czortków and later of Jagielnica. From 1938, he was a senator of the fifth term as representative of the Camp of National Unity. He was arrested after the invasion of Russians, but he was soon released due to the requests of the local population.

In June 1941 a train with Hungarian Jews to be placed in a forced labour camp in Kamieniec Podolski stopped in Jagielnica. Among them, there was Dr Ignatz Josipovitz with his wife and two children. Dr Josipovitz took care of all the sick in the car. He also treated Ukrainian guards. When Dr Lachowicz found out that there was a doctor helping the sick on the train, he rushed there to help him. He spoke to a Ukrainian commander and persuaded him to release Dr Josipovitz with his family and allow him to stay in Jagielnica. Dr Josipovitz received an informal permission to stay and treat patients in the village.

Dr Lachowicz took the Josipovitz family to his place. He took care of them and supported them. “Our Christian friend protected us like his own children. We also had an opportunity to see that he felt a deep sympathy for Jewish people and did everything he could to help them” – Josipovitz reported. In summer 1942, Dr Lachowicz got a permission for the Josipovitz family to return to Hungary, where they survived and awaited liberation. Nobody from the Hungarian transport to Kamieniec Podolski survived.

On 1 September 1943, Dr Lachowicz was taken from his house by a Ukrainian gang and murdered (according to another version, he was killed by Germans).


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