The Kryczka Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kryczka Family

During the World War Two Józefa lived with her parents in Żarówka village, close to Mielec. One night, at the beginning of 1943, her father brought two young men with him, and told the family that from now on they would be staying with them. Władek and Wiktor, as they introduced themselves, stayed with the Cichońs until August 1944 when the Germans withdrew from that area.

“We became a family. We ate together, did the laundry, and shared the apartment” - Józefa recalls. The conditions were hard because the Cichońs’ house had only one room which was shared by five people during the day. At night Władek and Wiktor moved to the attic.

Józefa not only helped with the household chores, but her task was also to warn the inhabitants of  any soldiers or military police who were coming. Luckily, nothing like this happened, possibly, because the neighbours, who always warned the Cichońs not to keep strangers at the house, never turned them in.

After the war, Wiktor and Władek settled in the Western Territories. They still keep in touch with Józefa Cichoń.


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