The Krokowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Krokowski Family

One day in late 1939 in Kraków, Jan Krokowski met his gymnasium-era friend Fryderyk Gans. The latter, who had just escaped from a transitional camp, asked Krokowski for help. The Pole helped the friend’s family procure a christening certificate and other necessary documents. He placed the friend, whose new name, according to his Aryan papers was Alfred Górny, with a friend in Bronowice Małe in the suburbs of Kraków.

The friend’s parents Jan hid in his own home, where he lived with his wife, mother and son. Thanks to Jan’s connections, Fryderyk was hired by the same transport company that employed Jan. After the Kraków ghetto was formed, Jan moved his friend’s parents to Bochnia, where he continued to supply them with food and medicine. When Fryderyk’s father, Adolf, died, Jan gave him a proper burial. Then, as a precaution, he moved the widow once more, this time to the village of Zabierzów.

After the war, Jan and Fryderyk remained close friends. On March 28, 1988, the Yad Vashem Institute designated Jan Krokowski Righteous Among the Nations.


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