The Kreicarek Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kreicarek Family

The Kreicareks moved to Dubiecko in Podkarpacie during the World War Two, in 1940. In September 1942 they took in fugitives from the Przemyśl ghetto: Szmul Goldstein with his wife and children, Lonek and Miriam, Wilhelm Rek with his wife and brother, Dawid Fränkel with his child, and Bronisław Felsen.

“I remember walking in clogs to my grandma’s at Przedmieście Dubieckie, and I brought milk and flour that grandma had hand ground in the quern. - Teresa recalls of the war. -There was hunger, we had no money and 14 people to feed. I picked potatoes in the palace fields during the autumn and took them home. The worst thing were the searches that the Blue Police conducted at the house. They were often even worse than the Nazis.”

Years after the war, Teresa would still wake up to nightmares. The Kreicareks managed to survive the nazi occupation. The Soviet armies entered Dubiecko in August 1944.

After the war, the Kreicarek family moved to Przemyśl, where they faced difficult living conditions. Fortunately they could depend on the support of those they had saved. Teresa remembers them very fondly. 


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