The Kowalski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kowalski Family

Lucylla and Wojciech met each other in Dąbrowa Tarnowska in 1939 and got married two and a half years later. During World War II Wojciech Kowalski ran a land improvement company in Pińczów county.

In July 1942 the Germans set up a ghetto in Dąbrowa Tarnowska. “And when all hell broke loose, they simply started to execute Jews, they chased them like rabbits. It was 1942. Then one evening Henryk [Margulies] rushed into our house and yelled: »Lula, help me, help me!«” – Lucylla Kowalska tells her story about the Jewish schoolmate.

She decided to asked her fiancé for help, who agreed to hire Margulies in his company. He also offered him his own office as a place to live. Both Henryk Margulies and his mother lived there for two years and a half.

Lucylla, with the help of a friend priest, got a new birth certificate for Henryk. Thanks to this document, he was able to obtain “Aryan papers” for the name Marian Jackowski. Margulies used these documents until the end of the war.

In 1944/45, a denouncer showed the Germans Henryk and his mother Ida’s hideout. They all escaped just in time: the Kowalski family made their way to Wrocław, while Henryk and his mother – to Kraków. The Gestapo police killed a landlord, who let the office-hideout to Wojciech.

In 1984 Margulies emigrated to Israel, but he maintained a close correspondence contact with his rescuers until his very death. 


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