The Kowalczyk Family

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Story of Rescue - The Kowalczyk Family

“They only went out at night” - she explains.

She lived with her parents and six siblings in Kolonia Rozłąki next to Huta Dąbrowa in the Lublin region. Her father was employed at the glassworks.

The Kobiałkiewiczs, Chaim and Pola, who had been their neighbors before the war, stayed in a shelter dug under the hall. And the rest: Cywja, Sonia, Stach and Motkowa with a little child– all in the barn. A hole was dug, covered with boards, and on top of the boards was manure, because mother made the cows stand there.

“It was to deter suspicion”- she explains - Because of that, the cow once did it on Sonia’s head.”

But it was fairly safe. Three hundred meters away stood their cousin’s cottage, also thatch-covered, very meager, just like theirs’, and then the next cottage was all the way through the woods. She baked bread, organized food, because everything was a problem, and buying too much at once could arouse suspicion and reveal the hiding place.

The back door of the barn opened up onto a field and the forests. Jews also hid in those woods. Once, while mushroom picking, the children found bodies being eaten by bugs.

After the war, all those who hid with them left, most of them went to Israel.


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