The Konieczny Family

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Story of Rescue - The Konieczny Family

Together with Mieczysław’s family, this meant fifteen people now needed to be provided for, and Honorata took responsibility for this. Most of the work was done at night in order not to attract the attention of the neighbours. It was also at night that the Jews would leave their hiding places to breath fresh air and to stand up and stretch. They were always guarded by Mieczysław with his father and brother.

Despite all their efforts, the family was betrayed to the local German police. When the police arrived to search the farm, however, only Honorata and her father from the Konieczny family remained in the house. As the Germans held a gun to her father’s head, Honorata suggested the police search the house. The Jews were hidden so well they were not found, and the Germans left after not finding anything or anyone.

All the hidden Jews survived the war. Afterwards, all fifteen emigrated either to the United States or to Israel, many remaining in close contact with the family. 

From the exhibition Polish Heroes: Those Who Rescued Jews, curated by the Auschwitz Jewish Center, the Galicia Jewish Museum, and the Polish/American/Jewish Alliance for Youth Action (PAJA).