The Iwaszkiewicz Family

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Story of Rescue - The Iwaszkiewicz Family

Anna Iwaszkiewicz got into the ghetto through acourthouse. She handed over abag filled with dollars, and on her way outshegot lost and stumbled onto a Jewish policeman. “Only my mom could do a thing like that,” recalls her daughter, Maria Iwaszkiewicz. “She broke free, went into a gateway, stood there a while to focus and collect herself, then re-entered the court and left on the Aryan side.” 

The money was used by Natan and Marian Karwasser to bribe guards at the gate. Just before the war broke out, the brothers had bought a plot of land from the Iwaszkiewiczs in Stawisko. Fortunately, there was no time to draft a notarizeddeed, which later allowed Anna to sell the plot and take the money to the ghetto. Natan managed to reach the guerillas, while Marian was taken to Milanówek.

Anna also placed the elderly Muszkat couple, the three members of the Kramsztyk family and many others in the vicinity of Podkowa Leśna. She was in contactwith a member of the local authorities who would prepare IDs for her. With the money he got from the Iwaszkiewiczs, he drank with the Germans, and then paid them for stamping the documents in vodka.

The countryside estate of Anna and Jarosław was filled with a bunchof temporary tenants and ‘employees’, and the gardening shopthat Stawisko became during the war, employed,among others, the Kramsztyks’ daughter. Professor Ludwik Wertenstein and doctorAniela Muszkat-Nowicka, former students ofMarieCurie-Skłodowska, taught science to the Iwaszkiewicz girls.

An article from the album Poles who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Recalling Forgotten History, Łódź 2009

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