Golen Eleonora

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Story of Rescue - Golen Eleonora

The Parzyczewskis, who were of Jewish descent, had a hairdressing salon in Biecz before the World War Two, and since Eleonora Goleń used to go there, she knew their daughter Anna. In 1942, an acquaintance of the Parczewskis brought ten year old Anna to Eleonora. She asked her on behalf of the girl’s parents to take care of the Anna. Eleonora agreed. Her husband, who lived in Harklowa, where he worked, knew about everything and accepted his wife’s decision.

In December 1942, Eleonora and Anna were arrested by Gestapo and put in prison in Jasło. The girl was shot on 10th December. After a month long trial, Eleonora was sentenced and on 5th January 1943, she was shot in a show execution by the prison wall. The family was not allowed to take the body. The place of her burial still remains unknown.