Golecki Ludwik

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Story of Rescue - Golecki Ludwik

Before the Second World War, Ludwik Golecki was lieutenant in the Polish Army. In 1939 he returned to his home town Parczew and ran a shop together with his wife. Because he was involved in the underground activity and risked being unmasked, he soon had to leave the town so that the Nazis would not arrest him – in Warsaw he started working in a stationery shop under a false name.

In August 1942 Ludwik Golecki helped Beniamin Mandelkern and his wifeescape from a transport to Treblinka and hide in Warsaw.

He also provided help for other Jews. He organized the so-called “Aryan papers”, work and food for them, and helped them find hiding places outside the ghetto. Among the people Golecki rescued were Helena Wolańska, Genia Żyto, Wiktor Żyto, Hanka Szechter, Wiktoria Kopeć and Anna and Wiesław Olechowski.

Ludwik Golecki was honored with the title “Righteous Among the Nations” in 1986 thanks to the efforts of one of the rescued, Genia Żyto. After the war the Mandelkerns emigrated to Canada. The Golecki family remains in contact with them to this day.


  • Kawa Magdalena, nterview with Marek Golecki, a son of Ludwik Golecki, 1.01.2007