Golebiowski Marian

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Story of Rescue - Golebiowski Marian

He comes from Tarnopol. In 1939 he was a student of law at the University of Lwow. He fought in the September campaign, and afterwards lived in Nowy Sącz.

It’s there that he met Teresa and Uri Huppert, a mother and son living under the name Halecki. Teresa Huppert was the wife of a missing officer from the Polish Army, Józef Huppert. They settled in Rytrza, near Nowy Sącz.  He cared for them beginning in 1942, brought them food and gave them comfort. They became friends.  In the fifties Teresa and Uri Huppert emigrated to Israel. Uri Huppert is a distinguished Israeli lawyer and writer. He described his experiences of living under the occupation in the book, “Travels to the Source of Memory.”

Bernard Ingram was also from Tarnopol, he received a medical degree from the University of Bologna in 1937 and had been working in the hospital in Tarnopol before the war. In April 1942 doctor Ingram escaped from the ghetto with the help of Irena Szumska, a Pole, who later became his wife. They began living in hiding under the name Zbigniew and Irena Jakobiszyn. Irena had been a classmate of Marian. They turned to him for help.  He found them a room in the house of his friend Jan Ryndak in Jasło. When rumors started going around that Jakobiszyn was a Jew, he moved them to an estate near Jasło, where his friend was the administrator. Jakobiszyn supported himself by working as a doctor and gained the sympathy of the locals. Soon Gołębiowski joined them as well, having to go into hiding himself. There they awaited the Red Army. After the war the Ingrams settled on the Western coast of Poland and later emigrated to Australia.


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